The Built Environment in the Dan River Region

The vision of the DRPHC is to promote an environment that supports opportunities for all Dan River Region residents to make healthy food choices and to be physically active in order to achieve or maintain a healthy weight. The initial steps in the built environment initiative have been to assess the food and physical activity environment in the Dan River Region. The systematic approach includes identification of all food outlets and physical activity outlets in the region, followed with in-person audits by trained staff.  These tasks were taken on by the Built Environment Subcommittee of the DRPHC.

Since 2011, the Built Environment Subcommittee has identified,  enumerated, and evaluated the quality and accessibility of  physical activity and food outlets in the Dan River Region.  They also conducted a telephone survey assessing behaviors and use of this region’s Built Environment.  Click here for some of the key findings and implications from this data.



Healthy Spaces Initiative

This project is in collaboration with the Dan River Foundation through a Make More Happen grant. The overall goal is to engage local champions at the neighborhood (in Danville) or village level (in the county), along with residents of those areas, to identify projects that align with evidence based approaches for obesity that has broad local buy-in and support. Once identified, the aim is to move these projects into ‘action’ through the Healthy Spaces Initiative.  Currently a champion has been identified for the village of Yanceyville, NC and potential spaces for Yanceyville, Gretna, and Danville are under consideration.  Our first focus groups with Yanceyville leaders and residents will take place in April.

If you are interested in the built environment and would like to participate in this initiative, please contact Dr. Jennie Hill.