Better Together - Caswell County Project

Healthy Caswell County

After development of the Dan River Partnership for a Healthy Community (PHC) subcommittees were formed to focus on various aspects of health in the community. The physical activity subcommittee worked with the Virginia Tech research partners to create the Better Together: Healthy Caswell County program to help residents become more active. This helps to combat the inactivity epidemic 10 minutes at a time! more about the Healthy Caswell County Project, click here.




Instant RecessInstant Recess

To learn Instant Recess  is an evidence-based model designed to incorporate 10-minute physical activity breaks into your daily routine whether at school, work or home! To learn more about Instant Recess, click here.





Community GardensCommunity Gardens

The community gardens efforts represents the longest standing initiative of the DRPHC, as it was identified and prioritized by the community in the 2010 planning workshop. Since then over a dozen community gardens have been developed as well as research on the effectivness of community gardens on improving healthy eating habits. To share our findings locally and gather community feedback regarding future directions for this Community Garden initiative, the DRPHC nutrition-subcommittee has successfully planned and executed a series of annual regional community garden forums. These forums have proven to be a successful approach and rich opportunity to engage local organizations and community members in conversations about the benefits and challenges of community gardens as a mechanism to improve health. While research on the community gardens has concluded, the majority of these gardens are sustained by the community.  Efforts will continue to sustain the annual forums.  To learn more about Community Gardens, click here.