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United States
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State National Center for
Chronic Disease
Prevention and
Health Promotion
Chronic Disease Indicators:
State/Area Profile
Measuring Obesity in Virginia: Virginia Performs State  Council of
Virginia’s Future
Food Environment Atlas State
 Virginia Department of Virginia health statistics 2008 annual report State  Virginia Department
of Health
 Health PDF, Published
March, 2011
Chronic Disease
in VA: A
Comprehensive Report 
State Virginia Department
of Health
2006 report on
chronic disease
prevalence in VA
Under “program
specific data”
click on the
2006 Chronic
Disease Report
Unequal Health
Across the Commonwealth:
A Snapshot
State VA Department
of Health
 Data & Statistics State/Regional  VA Department
of Health
Various links to local, state, and national health reports *Under “other data link” is the 1997-1999 BRFSS Health District Data Report. This document contains a thorough report on the health of each district
Dan River’s
Regional Report
Regional  Danville Regional Foundation / United Way / Future of the Piedmont Foundation  Socioeconomic Factors: Dan River Region PDF
West Piedmont Health District Homepage Regional VA Department of Health  General information on services
Southside Health District Homepage  Regional VA Department of Health  General information on services
NC Statewide and County Trends in Key Health Indicators County  NC Dept. of Health
and Human Services
Obesity, Diabetes, and Chronic Disease:
Caswell County
County Health Rankings County  Robert Wood Johnson Foundation / University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute  Health *Click on county
of your choice